Sometimes A Clutter, Always A Mess | Day 3

In the process of typing and backspacing words and phrases and sentences, I realized how truly chaotic this mind of mine truly is. There are times when I can’t even focus enough to form a coherent paragraph. Too much clutter, too much mess. I kind of miss the simplicity and austerity and honesty of diaries [...]

Hey Philippines, Feminine Lesbians Do Exist | Day 2

Since June is the Pride Month, I somehow feel inclined to talk about the issues about and around the LGBT community — especially now that one of our local (sort of international) celebrities came out as a transgendered man (familiar with Charice, anyone?) and is being criticized and made fun of for it. But while [...]

30 Days of Writing, An Introduction | Day 1

It was in elementary school when I first started writing. It was those years when I began keeping a diary — a place where I can be free to share what we then referred to as those “deep, dark secrets”. I was free to wish, free to think, free to feel. In those years when [...]

Humble Brag: WordPress Featured Yours Truly

This is going to be a really quick and impromptu post. I simply cannot contain the happiness and giddiness and excitement that I feel right now that I feel that this "event" has to be published and immortalized on this blog.  So do you guys remember this post? You know, the one where I gave [...]

Food Adventure: Shizen Ramen House, Marikina

Ah, yes, ramen. For those who don’t know, I’m a big lover of Japanese foods and cuisine – name it and I’ve probably had it at least once.  Then last week, I was seriously craving for a good noodle dish (not necessarily Japanese). I was torn between ramen and laksa but opted for the former [...]

The One with My ColourPop Ultra Matte Collection

This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder since May 6 (WHAT). And earlier today, I finally took photos so now here we are. I actually thought about reviewing these individually but that would be too much effort and I’d probably end up repeating the same shit again and again, so I decided on [...]

Battle of the Eye Primers: Urban Decay vs. Wet n Wild

This battle is not about how long these primers were able to make my eyeshadow last or how much they made them pop because I have temporarily quit putting any eye makeup on (not even eyeliner or mascara--well I put mascara sometimes, but not everyday). This battle is going to be about how long these [...]