An Open Letter to Davao

I was not supposed to go back to blogging until after my 25th birthday which is just shy of 3 months from now. But I just had to get this out there. I just had to write something and post something about the most recent tragedy that has occurred here in the Philippines. I’ve already posted this as a status on my Facebook account but I know that in just a few weeks or months, it’ll be buried deep within the shadows of other statuses and shared posts on my wall.

So I’m posting it here instead, to keep it alive for months and years on end. And to serve as a reminder that something as tragic and as horrifying as this happened all because some people can’t act like human beings; all because some people have nothing but hatred and anger in their hearts.

Photo from Filipino Roots.

Dear Davao,

I met you but just once and not too long ago. It was a fortuitous event, our meeting, that is. I had no intentions—not anytime soon, anyway—of introducing myself to you just yet but it all happened so fast and unexpectedly. You see, I met someone (the person whom I now refer to as my always and my constant) and all our firsts as a couple happened right in your arms.

You watched us the first time we smiled at each other and laughed our hearts out. You followed us through our first adventures and made us feel safe. You bore witness to the first time we held hands, the first time we hugged and the first time my lips touched hers and hers on mine. You, in all shape and form, gave us our first memories together, which we both will be forever grateful to you for.

But now, you are faced with this devastation and I am deeply affected and saddened by what happened. We’ve only met once and have only known each other for a while but you now hold a very special and irreplaceable place in my heart. So I am crying and grieving with and for you for many of your children’s lives were taken and injured by cowards who have nothing but anger and negativity running in their veins.

A lot of innocent people were taken from you mercilessly. A lot of smiles that will no longer be seen. A lot of laughter that will no longer be heard. A lot of loved ones that will no longer feel the warmth of their parents, husbands, wives, children, friends, partners. A lot of people that were left with tears in their eyes and a huge void in their hearts.

A lot. And all because of what, really?

It pains me to see you and your children suffer like this. It pains me to see that you, of all else, has to bear this pain and heartache all because there are still people in this world with so much animosity that they forget to act like human beings.

But despite it all, my dear Davao, I know that you are strong and that you’re more than capable of surpassing this obstacle. There are people who will try to bring you down. There are people who will make you feel like you deserve this horrifying tragedy. There are people who will mock you and laugh at you for going through this grave adversity. Ignore them for you are much more and far better than what they make you out to be.

Please remember that amidst all the heartless, idiotic, and incredibly frustrating comments against you from people who are, put lightly, not in their right minds, there are still millions of us who believe in your strength and resilience. You have the rest of the country—the world, even—wishing, hoping and praying intently for you and all your children’s safety.


I wish that justice may be served to all the victims and that peace will still reign and prevail to those who have lost loved ones.

PS. I’m not gonna officially “re-open” this blog until November (which is the original plan) but will make this site public again just for this particular post. I still have a lot of things that I need to work on on this site like my domain, first and foremost, and the design, of course, before I formally go back to blogging again (in short, dami kong arte lol).




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