My Planner Story with the Midori Traveler’s Notebook


Hi, my name’s Victoria and I’m a planner addict. Well, sort of.

I am an on and off type of person. I blog on and off. I plan on and off. It’s an endless, vicious cycle because I get bored easily with the shit that I do.

With planning, though, we are all too familiar with how this goes. Most people get excited around December. They start scouring for planners to purchase and then they think about all the ways that they would use it and design it for the year that’s coming.


Some even go to the extent of drowning themselves in Frappucinos just to get a hold of a planner that they would most likely just use in the months of January and February. I, for one, was guilty of this as I have collected 20 or so stickers and spent an accumulated amount of almost Php4,000—this for a planner that’s only good for a year and in my lazy-ass’s case, 2-3 months (shame on me).

Then came 2015, the year I found out about Filofax. I wanted so bad to get one but it was too damn expensive and was not available here in the Philippines at the time. So I had to settle for other planners. I found one at Typo that I really liked and of course, I only religiously updated the thing up until February because like I said, I plan on and off.

The planner from Typo which I used for the year 2015. Photo from Latest in Beauty.

By the last quarter of 2015, I found out about this Midori Traveler’s Notebook. I started looking at blogs about it, Pinterest posts, Google images; I fell in love in an instant. And I wanted one for myself immediately!

So after about a week, I purchased mine online, got it delivered to my house after 2 days and then I started playing with it—writing, designing, and constantly wishing that I had more pens and washi tapes.


But of course, I still am the same old me so I quit planning and journaling (as I use my Midori TN for both) by the second week of March and this baby started collecting dust in one of my drawers. And now, 2017 has arrived and we’re now in the month of April and I can proudly say that I still have been constantly updating this beauty. That is a first so I’m extremely happy.

I’ve been a little too lazy in the past few weeks, though, but all is well. I just really, really wish that I’d be able to fill it up until the end of the year unlike in the past years. Here’s to hoping!

Do you keep a planner-slash-journal too?



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