Gaga Over the bareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lip Color

Okay, so about this post that I published yesterday. Well, I was browsing through local online shops to see if I can find one that sells them or allows for a pre-order of them. I was checking out MUP Store when I stumbled upon the bareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lip Color.

I swear to god, checking out beauty blogs and online shops is always a mistake because I always end up seeing something that I desperately want to get my hands on. Ugh, this is an utter nightmare, you guys!

So once again, I went ahead and searched for swatches online and oh good lord! To say that I want every. single. shade is an understatement. Just look at these colors and tell me you’re not drooling over them too!

Slay, Icon, Friendship, Scandal, juju, and Om (plus XYZ, Bo$$, and Icon, which aren’t on the photo), please! // Photo from

I personally have not tried any product from bareMinerals but I’ve always heard and read great reviews about them so I think these Matte Liquid Lip Colors would be a great way for me to welcome the brand in my already-dying makeup collection.

The bareMinerals website description of the product says that this is a “long-wearing, cream-to-matte color with a lightweight, no-tack texture. Full coverage pigments are suspended in a silky formula that glides over lips effortlessly, then dries to a long-wearing, natural matte finish.”

The entire bareMinerals Gen Nude collection. // Photo from the @bareMinerals Twitter account.

If these liquid lipsticks are able to live up to their claims, then my oh my. I cannot wait to give these a try. Hopefully, I get my hands on at least one soon.

Featured photo from


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