Switching it Up: Changing My Blog Name

Goodbye, The Vee Side.
Hello, BKTRYA.

The Vee Side has been my blog’s name since 2013 and since the reason behind that name is no longer true to what I want this blog to be about, I thought it’s about time I change it up.

The Vee Side was meant to be about the vain side of Vee (me); a side I fondly refer to as my “B side” as it is a part of me that most people are unaware of.

I don’t want this blog to solely focus on beauty and makeup so The Vee Side was no longer an appropriate name. So I spent a good few days thinking about what my new blog name is going to be. I want my birth name to be included in it somehow but didn’t want something as simple as just my name + my last name.

[Too much of the word name in one fucking paragraph.]

Then I thought about using the handle that I’ve had for years on both my Twitter and Instagram accounts—biktoryaa (which came from how most Filipinos pronounce my name, Victoria A). I changed it up a bit and came up with BKTRYA, and now here we are.

I want this blog to be different, unique in its own right, and a mix of everything that I am about.

So BKTRYA is about me; by me. It’s about my life, my experiences, and my adventures. It’s about the things that I love and am really passionate about. It’s about my thoughts and my opinions—candid and unfiltered. It’s about what makes me happy, my relationships, and basically everything else in between.

Welcome to BKTRYA.



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