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Sunday Currently: Blue is the Warmest Color

I have been begging the girlfriend to watch this movie and since she has not obliged despite of my constant whining*, I thought this post would help push her into finally giving this excellent movie a shot.

And if you haven’t watched this yourself, please do. You won’t regret it.

Note: This post was first seen on my former blog (I edited a few things from the original post, though) and I didn’t want this on my #Throwback series so here it is on my Sunday Currently.

This is my personal tribute to the film that almost bumped Titanic off of the number one spot on my Favorite Love Story Films of All Time list (please stop judging me – in the voice of #HugotQueen, Angelica P).

Blue is the Warmest Color (La Vie d’Adèle) is a French film that unanimously won the Palme d’Or Award and received a standing ovation at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival. Plus, it is also the first film to have received the award not only for its director, but also for both leading actors—Léa Seydoux (Emma) and Adèle Exarchopoulos (Adèle). And not only that, it was also nominated as the Best Foreign Language Film at the 71st Golden Globe Awards.

So yes, you could say that it’s one heck of a great movie. I would say so myself.

Well, up until a few days ago (from the time I first watched this, which was back in 2014), the only French movie that I have ever watched is Big Girls Don’t Cry, and that is seriously one of my most favorite young adult films ever. But this, oh my god, this is just an absolute heaven-sent! I have so much feels for it that I cannot even begin to explain them in writing (but here’s to trying).

La Vie d’Adèle (its French title, meaning The Life of Adèle) is a drama-slash-romance film about two women. But I don’t see this as just another lesbian movie because most of those suck, anyway. Never mind the gender of the two characters and never mind my personal gender orientation and preference, this, for me, is a beautiful love story about two people and that’s it.

What’s it all about?

Here’s a gist to get you going.


Adèle Exarchopoulos as Adèle

Adèle, one of the main characters, is a high school student who, based on my perception as a mere audience, seems to be confused and unhappy with how and where her life is at or where it’s going.

But she’s still your typical girl teen: goes to school, talks about boys with her friends, goes out on dates, etc. And then one day, one of her girl friends French kissed her (pun intended), and that did something to her.


Léa Seydoux as Emma

And then fast forward to when she ended up in a local lesbian bar while she was out in the city with some of her friends, the place where she meets Emma—the blue-haired girl that caught so much of her attention and curiosity.

They started hanging out a few days after that night and one thing led to another and oh, you know.

They fell in love and the rest, you’ll know once you watch the film.

This film is for you.

And for everyone else.

Like I said, this is a love story more than anything else. Any person—gay, straight, trans, or something else entirely—could still definitely relate to the story and the lives of Adèle and Emma, both as individuals and as a couple.

I cannot say enough praises for this film because it really is just great (I may be a lesbian but this is seriously an unbiased opinion).


Adèle and Léa at the Pride March.

I don’t care about your gender preference or sexual orientation, you have to watch this film! Although if you are a rather conservative person, I would advise skipping a few scenes as there are a lot of very sexual stuff here.

Now before I end this post, I would just like to share some of the things that I have noticed and half-concluded about French people mainly because of this film. Not sure how true these things are in real life, though. LOL.

  • They talk really fast! It was a bit of a struggle to keep up with the subtitles because of this.
  • They like to smoke—a lot. It’s like every single cast member that was featured on screen smoked at one point.
  • They’re kind of messy eaters (but in a really cute and adorable way).
  • And if you think that the Americans are a liberated society, well one has to invent an entirely new word for the French people. Maybe that’s why the French way of kissing became so damn popular!

I really do hope you give this film a chance. It is an amazing story of finding one’s self, growing up, love, heartbreak and everything else in between.

On a side note, this week is going to be filled with Throwback posts—those that were first seen on my old blog, (now nonexistent, you guys, so don’t even bother checking it out). It’s not that I’m too lazy to write new posts, it’s just that I’m too lazy to take photos. LOL.

*As of posting, the girlfriend has already watched this movie and I’m happy to report that she liked it. #AchievementUnlocked


10 thoughts on “Sunday Currently: Blue is the Warmest Color

  1. I watched this by myself several years back and is my second lesbian-themed French film. Some thoughts:
    – i didn’t know who the actors were prior to watching, and was surprised that Lea Seydoux wasn’t a real-life lesbian. She played the character in this film so well!
    – agree with what you said about them talking real fast haha
    – i like the fact that this is a love story that is more grounded in reality. I cannot elaborate w/o spoilers, tho haha
    – also, the intimate scenes are definitely one for the books! HAHAHA okay i will shut up now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yung sex scenes talaga ang nagdala e. Hahahaha. I knooow! I actually had to Google if she was a lesbian because she really did a great job! And yes about this being so close to reality. It doesn’t live in a fairy tale and I love that they … okay, spoilers. Hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      • Do you know the French film ‘Tomboy’? That’s my first LGBT-themed French film. About a kid who realized that she was a les at a young age. I can’t say that i like it very much, but i think it was still worth the watch. 3/5 in my books. You may want to check it for yourself ^_^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahaha yes i did! Although i got late into the whole LGBT films/series. Lately ko lang napanood yang Y/N and Y/N 2. Even L Word, at hindi ko pa rin natatapos. x_x

        Liked by 1 person

      • OMG!!! In that case, I have quite a list for you. But for now, let’s start with Room in Rome (mostly talks over sex hahaha), If These Walls Could Talk 2 (UMIYAK AKO NG MALALA DITO SHET), Imagine Me & You (if you watch GoT, si Cersei Lannister ang bida dito hahaha), Boys Don’t Cry (more drama and really revolved about transman rather than being a lesbian love story), She: Their Love Story (Thai film as well and shet crush ko yung butch dito hahahaha).

        Okay, thou must download them all now!! Hahaha



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