The One with My ColourPop Ultra Matte Collection

This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder since May 6 (WHAT). And earlier today, I finally took photos so now here we are.

I actually thought about reviewing these individually but that would be too much effort and I’d probably end up repeating the same shit again and again, so I decided on just a collection post as that seemed much easier.

I have here a total of 8 shades and I must admit, they’re not enough.

Although I do wear some of the shades more often than the rest (you can tell which one I wear more by looking at the packaging), I have worn every single one of these at least once and I have taken mental notes of my thoughts for each of them.

First of all, the formula of the ColourPop Ultra Mattes is very inconsistent. And I thought that I was the only one who noticed this, but apparently not. Rae and I talked about this some time last year and she had the same observation as I did.

Let’s start with the lighter shades that I own: Bianca, Bumble, Lumiere 2, and Scrooge (this shade has sadly been discontinued).

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Bianca (a soft mauve) — This looks like a reaaally soft mauve on me. It looks light against my NC40 skintone that my initial gut hated it. I still gave it a shot and thankfully, it didn’t wash me out. It’s actually a pretty good nude shade for when I want to look like an innocent little bitch.

Bumble (a warm rose) — I was looking for that rose hue but this just looked like a mid-tone coral shade on me (how fucking far off is that). This one was the worst performer out of all the shades that I own. It’s incredibly tacky which I absolutely hate and when you smack your lips together, the product sticks to each other and comes right off which looks really horrifying. Sans the lip smacking, this looks incredible on the lips and I absolutely adore the color, I just could not handle the tackiness.

We were both wearing Lumiere 2. (Hi, Mabs!)

Lumiere 2 (a deep dusty mauve; which is the Kathleenlights collab shade) — This looked like a really warm-tone deep mauve on the swatches that I saw online which is why I was super drawn to it. But on me, it unfortunately wasn’t. I can’t describe exactly how the color looks on me  (so just refer to the selfie over there) as y’all know I suck at that (at describing colors, I mean). But it definitely doesn’t look warm on me—it has more of a cooler tone, plus, it washes me out really bad.

Scrooge (a cool berry according to Temptalia) — It’s sad that they’ve discontinued this one as this is the only bright pink shade that has ever grown on me. Out of all the shades that I have, this is the only one with a really runny and liquid-y consistency. All other shades are creamy and a lot thicker. Other than that, though, this still performed pretty much the same way as the others. Despite the runniness (I just coined a new word, folks), it gladly did not cause any bleeding.

Now for the darker ones: Avenue, LAX, Teeny Tiny, and Tulle. I used to also have the shade StingRaye–which is fairly similar to Tulle which is probably why it is now discontinued as well–but I already gave that one to my best friend.

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Avenue (a deep brick red) — I absolutely love this with all my heart. Tulle is my most used but mostly because I purchased it months earlier than I got this. but this, this is definitely my most favorite out of all the shades. If you don’t already know, MAC Diva is one of my most loved lipsticks ever and this, being in the same shade range family as that, just kicked Diva right out of my top spot.

LAX (a vampy red) — This is what I initially thought was going to be the dupe for Diva and one that I would love more (than Avenue). But while the color is gorgeous, it still doesn’t beat Avenue in my book. It’s definitely perfect for people with a really dark soul, though. LOL.

Wearing Tulle (and a pair of shorts, just so we’re clear, haha).

Teeny Tiny (a deep greyed out plum) — This weirdly looks almost the same as Tulle on me, but of course, the swatches would say otherwise. I was actually a bit disappointed because this, Tulle and StingRaye were the first three shades that I purchased and they ended up all looking the same on me which just fucking sucks. I think that’s why they decided to discontinue StingRaye; they realized that they’re practically dupes of each other.

Tulle (a dusty burgundy) — It’s true to the shade description on me but leans more on the brown/violet undertone than red. Like I mentioned, this is my most used shade out of the 8 and of course, you already know this because it’s pretty obvious but I’ll say it anyway: I absolutely love it!!

Again, the main thing that I noticed is the inconsistency in the formula for each of these. But for the most part, all these have great pigmentation, really opaque color pay-off, and longevity and wear time is amazing.


All these were really opaque and it didn’t take more than 2 dips to get full coverage on my highly pigmented lips. They’re also all transfer-proof (not kiss-proof; don’t French kiss your partner wearing these and expect it to not come off) and long-wearing. They all lasted about 7-8 hours on me, with very minimal fading.

Another thing is that there’s really no need for a lip liner as these don’t feather and are all very easy to apply. They glide incredibly smoothly on the lips without any tugging, streaking, and patchiness. And they’re not drying—on me, at least. Then again, my lips are able to handle the driest of matte formulas (i.e. MAC retro mattes) so it might just be me. Some people mentioned this drying their lips out so you might want to apply a lip balm prior.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

The only shades that stood out because of minute differences in the performance are Bianca, Teeny Tiny, Bumble, and Scrooge. Bianca, Teeny Tiny, and Scrooge for their consistency—the former two were thicker than the rest, while the latter is really runny and liquid-y. Bumble, on the other hand, is just a tacky little piece of shit.

But really, for the price point, all these are pretty impressive! ColourPop offers a wide variety of shades for a really affordable price and high-quality performance. And they’ve added a lot of shades so check those out if you haven’t yet!

My only other qualm is the bad quality of the packaging, which I can let slide, but ColourPop, try and up your packaging game, puh-lease!

A lot of online shops here in the Philippines are selling these already but I personally recommend Your Makeup Store PH as they sell it the cheapest (as far as I know). PHP399 (on-hand) and PHP389 (pre-order).

11 thoughts on “The One with My ColourPop Ultra Matte Collection

  1. Bumble doesn’t look like a warm rose at ALL. Definitely a coral!
    Hmm I’d describe Lumiere 2 as a greyed mauve on you – it’s got an ashiness that isn’t warm at all.
    I can see why Avenue is your favourite – it looks really crisp and clean. It’s the kind of colour that would make your skin look flawless!
    No go on these mattes for me. When and if I get ColourPop lipsticks, I’ll go for the Ultra Satin formula.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I therefore conclude that Lumiere 2 makes me look like a zombie. -__- Avenue really is an amazing color, and amen to the looking flawless part! :p

      And yes, get the Ultra Satin ones! I actually favor them more than these, it’s just that this line has wider color selection and the US only has a handful of shades that I truly like. 🙂


  2. I just tried Colourpop, and I loved the Ultra Satin formula, but the Ultra Mattes were a bit of a disapointment! Lumiére seems like a greyish pink to me, and I had the same problem as you, in the site it was described one colour, but in real life is like the opposite! Ahah
    Great review! Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lumiere is sort of greyish, now that you mention it. Haha. You and me both, though, I actually prefer the Ultra Satins over these, but it just doesn’t have enough shade variety as the Ultra Mattes which really sucks 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I super looove Colourpop! I’ve ordered a bunch of ultra mattes from them before, but unfortunately they all looked crap on me. It was really just poor color choices though! The formulation is truly amazing for such a cheap brand. I’ll definitely order some of your picks cause they look so good! x

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hate the inconsistency of these but the wide color selection and the affordability is truly amazing! I personally prefer the formulation of their Ultra Satin (in spite of my firm love for matte lipsticks) because it’s honestly a lot better than the Ultra Mattes. Sadly, the shades available are not as many as what the mattes offer. 😦 Definitely get more and then post your review of them!!



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