Sorry, I’m incredibly indecisive

Day 14/30 → I have been constantly thinking about purchasing a Premium Plan for this blog. My main reason is actually really shallow (but I can be that sometimes): I want more themes. I know, I know. I’m honestly a little obsessed with how my blog looks like (I always have been) and I can’t stop until I’m perfectly happy with my layout (which is never). I don’t wanna go self-hosted, though, as that just feels like too much for me right now.

Horn vs Pacquiao
Horn vs Pacquiao

Day 15/30 → Manny Pacquiao lost to lesser-known Jeff Horn last weekend and people from all over the world are still in shock. In the Philippines, though, it’s 50/50. Some are with the rest of the world and the others are happily rejoicing his loss. I’m part of the latter because he’s a son of a bitch bigot and homophobe who has no place in this world.

I don’t understand how people are still a fan of his. Because of his Bible-loving idiocy, he has lost the respect of many, including brands that used to use him as an endorser. Now, he’s scouring for money. And the one job that he promised he will give 100% to — being a senator, that is — he can’t even do because he’s too busy being a jackass.

Day 16/30 → I sort of decided to quit this 30-day challenge thing. I still continue to write every single day, I just keep them to myself because I feel like I’ve become one of those people who’s a constant word vomit. Plus, I still am unsure about what I want this blog to be about. I want some sort of organization but I guess my mind’s just really too all over the goddamn place that my blog has become some sort of a reflection of that. Nice work, self.

Day 17/30 → It’s a Friday and while I only actually worked for 3 days (thank god for long weekends), it still feels like an entire week of suffering.

I have managed to write a few beauty reviews/posts, so I’m happy about those. At least today wasn’t so bad.

Day 18/30 → Today, I realized that I have very low tolerance for immature people and basically, adults who act like they’re a bunch of fucking highschoolers. I don’t have the time and the energy to spend on petty things like constantly gossiping about people I don’t really give a fuck about. Then at the same time, hearing these gossips say that “they don’t care” about these people, either. So I’m doubly annoyed because if you all say you don’t care, then why do you people constantly talk about it? Why waste your time?

The whole thing just reeks of Mean Girls, without the class and wittiness of The Plastic, of course. So there I am, baffled and speechless.

Day 19/30 → I have a thing for sleep. We have been together for a really long time but there are days when we have little to no time for each other. So when we get the chance, we really hold on to each other.

Today is a Sunday that was spent almost entirely on bed; almost 16 freaking hours. I woke up at almost 10pm, with a massive back sore but with a mind that’s well-rested.

Day 20/30 → It’s a cold Monday morning and I’m just here, sipping my coffee and smoking my Marlboro. I’ve been seeing a lot of viral posts/happenings on Facebook and it’s really toxic. So today, I decided to publish another post for my #30DaysOfWriting challenge. I mentioned quitting the whole thing on this post but like I said, I’m indecisive. Let’s just get through this; 10 more days!

Also, Pinterest is loads of fun. Now I have lot of ideas for our place.

Featured image from Coco Lapine Design.


10 thoughts on “Sorry, I’m incredibly indecisive

  1. Go for the Premium Plan – you’ll have access to loads of free Premium themes at your finger tips! I’m a loser who had the Premium Plan for more than a year before I realized I got those Premium plans for free… I’ve been using a free theme this whole time. 😛

    Why do you have to decide what your blog is about right now, this very moment? Can’t you just have it, write in it and then let it form and take shape?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha. I’m excited. I’ll probably do it this November, though – as a birthday gift to myself. 🙂

      That’s just thinking out loud (as always). I’m a little bit, nah — I’m a LOT all over the place so some sort of organization would be nice for my well being. This is why I constantly think about what my blog is going to be about as I don’t want to be as chaotic as my head. :p


  2. I can recognize that Manny Pacquiao is a great boxer, I’m even on the side that he was robbed of that match.

    But with that said, I’m also on the conspiracy theory boat that the match was fixed so he can get more money. I liked him as a person but when he got into politics and Bible-thumping, it all went to shit.

    I’m still of the opinion that he needs a good advisor, but rich as he is, he is surrounded by a bunch of yes-men who only want to leech off of him and not actually rein in his stupid-ass decisions.


    • Hahahaha. Well in that case, I’m not considering it as a shallow reason any longer. I just quoted it as “shallow” because I seriously thought I was the only one, but apparently not. Hahahaha PHEWWW

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