Jill of All Trades, A Master at Drinking Coffee

The name’s Victoria, a 20-something freelance copyeditor and transcriptionist, and hobby blogger based in the sunny Manila, Philippines.

She has a penchant for makeup and more recently, skin care products and bullet journaling. She has an inappropriate amount of matte lipsticks and pens and an addiction to tuna & cheese sandwiches. She also has a sailor mouth and a mind that’s all over the goddamn place.

When she wants/needs to calm her mind and senses down, she watches Friends or listens to The Beatles.

a blog by victoria

faviconAlthough she started documenting her life and thoughts and everything else in between on the Internet more than a decade ago (around 2003), this particular site didn’t exist until mid of last year (2016).

This blog is about nothing in particular and was solely created to get her cluttered mind somewhat in order. However, the content will focus mainly on her personal life, thoughts and opinions on things (mostly filled with rants), food adventures, and of course, beauty reviews/features.

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