What’s New, Vol. 7: Books from the Big Bad Wolf

Nothing beats the smell of new books. And nothing will ever beat a local event that offers over 3 million books for 50-60% less than their regular price. Of course, I just had to be there -- regardless of how fucking far the event location is at from where I live. (Just for scale, it… Continue reading What’s New, Vol. 7: Books from the Big Bad Wolf


Random Thoughts on A Really Warm Friday Night

It needs to be said: I'm extremely excited and surprisingly calm (maybe even a little happy?) for the past few days. Well, shit is still crazy but they're at least not as bad as before and I've grown to be okay with how things are going so far. Mind you, I still hate my job… Continue reading Random Thoughts on A Really Warm Friday Night

Current Mood Board: Minimalist Bedrooms

My major goal this year is to turn my room into a sanctuary that I've always dreamed of. Basically, I have to turn it upside down because nothing in my room screams me. Well, except for my vanity table which I so often fondly refer to as my altar. That's the only spot in my room… Continue reading Current Mood Board: Minimalist Bedrooms

A Spiritual Revelation: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

I've only just gotten past the half of this book today (January 24) -- as in the exact half; 185 out of 370 pages -- and I'm already writing a draft of this post. That's how intense my feelings are for John Green's latest novel: Turtles All the Way Down. First of all, let's talk… Continue reading A Spiritual Revelation: Turtles All the Way Down by John Green

‘Seven Sundays’ Hits the Right Spots

I was never a big fan of Filipino films. They all seem so repetitive and just going off of the same recipe that’s seriously dated. I couldn’t bear one more of it so I just steer clear. But recently, more and more local releases are becoming better and armed with a different story line than… Continue reading ‘Seven Sundays’ Hits the Right Spots