How to Deal with Makeup Expiration

All these Look Back posts reminded me of one of the makeup myths (I’d like to think that they are based on personal experience) that I’ve wanted to address for a really long time.

I’ve seen posts such as the featured image above on Facebook, web-zines (web magazines), other beauty blogs, and the like. And while that is somehow true, it’s not 100% reliable.Read More »


A Harmful Ingredient in Skincare and Makeup

You’ve probably seen this one product in my latest What’s New post—the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VB Effector. It’s a serum that’s purported to be infused with Vitamin B6 to control one’s sebum (which I have a lot of).

The thing is, I have only been recently into skincare so I don’t really have all the knowledge about this particular topic just yet. So being the skincare-curious person that I now am, I decided to do my research and figure out what Vitamin B6 is exactly and what its benefits are to our skin.Read More »

Face of the Day: Elevator Selfie

DISCLAIMER: This post was actually written about 6 months ago and the photo was taken around the same time too, so this really is a Face of the Day from Months Ago post. 

The girlfriend partner asked me what lipstick I was wearing. So, of course, being the vain person that I truly am, I took that as an excuse to take a selfie. Fortunately for me, I was at the elevator at the time and the lighting there was great. Also, there’s this huge mirror so I just could not resist.Read More »