Diving Down My TBR Pile, Vol. 1

I have a lot of books on my TBR pile. Currently, there are exactly 355 books on my to-read shelf on Goodreads, and honestly, I’m not really sure how I’m going to get through all of them since I just constantly add more and more titles as new ones are released.

And then I stumbled upon this post that gave me an idea. So for today, I’m going through my to-read list — from the oldest one that I added — and I’ll check if they’re books I’d still want to read. I’m also gonna include a list of 3 books that I want to read first.Read More »


Welcome to the Inevitable Reading Slump

I have been reading quite a lot since the start of the year. By the first week of March, I have already finished reading 27 books in total and had 2 books that I marked as DNFs (did not finish). Now that we’re halfway through the month, I can’t seem to finish a single damn book.

I still am reading; I haven’t stopped, really. But there’s just too many things clouding my head at the moment that I can’t seen to finish another one, no matter how hard I try (thing is, with reading books for pleasure, one should not have to try, anyway).Read More »

My February 2018 Roundup — Books, Books, and More Books

I thought about doing a February 2018 roundup post that’s similar to my year 2017 roundup. But I didn’t see the point since all I did last month was basically read books and watched new episodes of recurring TV shows that I’ve already been following for months or years. I also only watched a grand total of five movies.

There wasn’t anything new in my February except books. I didn’t even purchase any new makeup products (shocking coming from me) last month. So the only rational thing was to do my roundup centered on what I’ve read.Read More »

What’s New, Vol. 7: Books from the Big Bad Wolf

Nothing beats the smell of new books. And nothing will ever beat a local event that offers over 3 million books for 50-60% less than their regular price.

Of course, I just had to be there — regardless of how fucking far the event location is at from where I live. (Just for scale, it takes about a total of 4 hours travel time back and forth — and mostly because of the insane Metro Manila traffic and basically because it really is that far).Read More »