MKNA Food Adventure @ Hikojyu — The Ramen Quest Continues

My girlfriend and I are on a quest — a quest to finding the best ramen in Metro Manila. And our journey continues with this local Marikina restaurant that’s just, again, a 5-minute walk from where we live.

Hikojyu is this tiny Japanese place that we found via Zomato when we were looking for restaurants around Marikina Heights that offers ramen. It only had an average of 3.2 out of 5 but that didn’t stop us from trying it out.Read More »


MKNA Food Adventure @ Shachihoko Ramen

In our quest to finding the best Japanese restaurant-slash-ramen house here in the Metro, the girlfriend and I decided to give the Japanese restaurants that are a mere 3 to 5 minute walk away from where we live.

No hassle of commuting? No public transportation fare? Okay, let’s do it!Read More »

My Yakiniku Experience at Kazoku

The word Yakiniku was such a foreign word to me (although it really is a foreign word but you know what I mean) that when my friend was constantly talking about it over a course of a week, I was honestly only half listening.

But then when she and I, along with our other friend, decided that for our Japanese food adventure for the month of March (cause we’ve been having these adventures monthly since November of last year), we would be eating out at Kazoku, I thought it was high time I finally figure out what the deal is with Yakiniku.Read More »

The Perfect Chill Spot: Cafe, I’m Here

We went from having an early dinner at Soru Izakaya to spending a few hours catching up at Starbucks to again looking another cafe where we can hang out because at 9:00PM, the night is still fucking young (for the bestfriend at least, because I, on the other hand, was already goddamn tired and sleepy) and Starbucks is getting old.

We initially wanted to hang out at Ludo so we could play boardgames while sipping our coffee and talking about our ~life goals~ for this year. But there were too many people and no available table so we scoured the web for a different place in the area that we could go to. That’s when we stumbled upon Cafe I’m Here which was just a few left-and-right turns away from where we were.Read More »

Soru Izakaya: A Japanese Cuisine Fusion

The worst thing about Japanese foods here in the Philippines is finding a place that offers authentic ones at an affordable price. Usually, authentic Japanese cuisines are pretty expensive so while it’s my favorite type of food in the world, I don’t get to actually satisfy my cravings a lot because I’m a stingy-ass bitch.

But with the recent increasing numbers of hole in the wall places here in the Philippines, I was sure that I’m bound to stumble upon a restaurant that offers a variety of authentic Japanese foods at a reasonable price.Read More »