The Perfect Chill Spot: Cafe, I’m Here

We went from having an early dinner at Soru Izakaya to spending a few hours catching up at Starbucks to again looking another cafe where we can hang out because at 9:00PM, the night is still fucking young (for the bestfriend at least, because I, on the other hand, was already goddamn tired and sleepy)… Continue reading The Perfect Chill Spot: Cafe, I’m Here


Soru Izakaya: A Japanese Cuisine Fusion

The worst thing about Japanese foods here in the Philippines is finding a place that offers authentic ones at an affordable price. Usually, authentic Japanese cuisines are pretty expensive so while it’s my favorite type of food in the world, I don’t get to actually satisfy my cravings a lot because I’m a stingy-ass bitch.… Continue reading Soru Izakaya: A Japanese Cuisine Fusion

Steal Some Heavenly Burgers at 8Cuts Burger Blends

I love burgers. I could probably eat burgers all day and all night long. However, I’m very picky with the burgers that I eat. The ones from fast food joints are fine but they’re not burgers that I would crave for on a regular basis—and I crave for burgers a lot. On a fateful afternoon… Continue reading Steal Some Heavenly Burgers at 8Cuts Burger Blends

A First @ Comedor by Miguel & Maria

The best friend and I had an overdue date two weekends ago and since the damn girl just squeezed me in her extremely tight schedule (lol no hate, just lots of shade), we decided to just have lunch somewhere here in Marikina. After a few ideas on where to eat, we settled on Comedor by… Continue reading A First @ Comedor by Miguel & Maria

Eating Hapon Food on a Windy Hapon @ the Happon Ramen House

Excuse me, I think I have ramen fever. Ever since our trip to Shizen a few weeks back, I’ve been constantly craving for ramen. It’s bad for the health but it’s so good for the tummy. So when the opportunity to eat ramen knocked, of course, I couldn’t just let it pass. I initially wanted… Continue reading Eating Hapon Food on a Windy Hapon @ the Happon Ramen House