MKNA Food Adventure @ Hikojyu — The Ramen Quest Continues

My girlfriend and I are on a quest -- a quest to finding the best ramen in Metro Manila. And our journey continues with this local Marikina restaurant that's just, again, a 5-minute walk from where we live. Hikojyu is this tiny Japanese place that we found via Zomato when we were looking for restaurants… Continue reading MKNA Food Adventure @ Hikojyu — The Ramen Quest Continues


MKNA Food Adventure @ Shachihoko Ramen

In our quest to finding the best Japanese restaurant-slash-ramen house here in the Metro, the girlfriend and I decided to give the Japanese restaurants that are a mere 3 to 5 minute walk away from where we live. No hassle of commuting? No public transportation fare? Okay, let's do it!The first one on our list… Continue reading MKNA Food Adventure @ Shachihoko Ramen

The Perfect Chill Spot: Cafe, I’m Here

We went from having an early dinner at Soru Izakaya to spending a few hours catching up at Starbucks to again looking another cafe where we can hang out because at 9:00PM, the night is still fucking young (for the bestfriend at least, because I, on the other hand, was already goddamn tired and sleepy)… Continue reading The Perfect Chill Spot: Cafe, I’m Here

Soru Izakaya: A Japanese Cuisine Fusion

The worst thing about Japanese foods here in the Philippines is finding a place that offers authentic ones at an affordable price. Usually, authentic Japanese cuisines are pretty expensive so while it’s my favorite type of food in the world, I don’t get to actually satisfy my cravings a lot because I’m a stingy-ass bitch.… Continue reading Soru Izakaya: A Japanese Cuisine Fusion