Food Adventure: Shizen Ramen House, Marikina

Ah, yes, ramen. For those who don’t know, I’m a big lover of Japanese foods and cuisine – name it and I’ve probably had it at least once.  Then last week, I was seriously craving for a good noodle dish (not necessarily Japanese). I was torn between ramen and laksa but opted for the former [...]

Food Adventure: Rustic Mornings by Isabelo, 4 Years Later

Since the girlfriend is just fairly new here in Manila, I thought I’d take her on a few food adventures, just to give her a feel of what the Metro has to offer. Lucky for me, I live in a city that’s considered as one of the “food capitals of Manila” (I made that up). I’m [...]

Food Adventure: Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand

I have been craving and drooling for some sushi for a good week and a half. Plus, I have been meaning to try this infamous Wagyu beef that I have seen all over the Internet. So naturally, when I saw this viral post on Facebook about a 99-peso Wagyu beef, I immediately went berserk! Like, [...]