Life Lately: Big Change, A New Chapter

I am actually still alive, folks. A lot -- and I mean, a lot -- has happened in the past month that I can't even begin to put them all into words. So, I keep putting off writing a blog post about what's going on in my life lately. And then more things keep happening and of… Continue reading Life Lately: Big Change, A New Chapter


Holy Fucking Monday — Again

Oh what a fucking Monday. Here we go again with this thing -- the start of yet again another work week where I have to endure the job that I hate so fucking much but can't quit because I'm not rich and I really need the money. I've been gone from work for a exactly… Continue reading Holy Fucking Monday — Again

Phone Apps that I Swear By

I feel like a celebrity-wannabe with this post but your girl's running out of ideas that wouldn't require at least half a brain to write. (Read: The Ridiculous Filipino Standard of Beauty; Chivalry, Equality, & Feminism; An Ode to My Favorite YA Author; and many others) I would start writing about each of those but… Continue reading Phone Apps that I Swear By