Re-Publishing Posts is Apparently A Thing

Day 4/30 → And I’m honestly confused…and a  little bit annoyed.

I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while now but I wasn’t sure if it’s for real or if my eyes were just deceiving me. Plus, I honestly thought that I was the only one who noticed this but apparently not. Stashy mentioned this “trend” in one of her comments in one of my posts and holy fuck, it really is a thing! Continue reading “Re-Publishing Posts is Apparently A Thing”

Humble Brag: WordPress Featured Yours Truly

This is going to be a really quick and impromptu post. I simply cannot contain the happiness and giddiness and excitement that I feel right now that I feel that this “event” has to be published and immortalized on this blog.  Continue reading “Humble Brag: WordPress Featured Yours Truly”

Blogging Tip from a Decade-old Blogger

I’m no successful blogger — if that is going to be merely defined by the hefty amount of followers/readers; page views and overall site visits; number of comments on each posts; and/or the perks (i.e. free stuff, event invitations, etc.) that one gets. Continue reading “Blogging Tip from a Decade-old Blogger”

Switching it Up: Changing My Blog Name

Goodbye, The Vee Side.
Hello, BKTRYA.

The Vee Side has been my blog’s name since 2013 and since the reason behind that name is no longer true to what I want this blog to be about, I thought it’s about time I change it up. Continue reading “Switching it Up: Changing My Blog Name”