Separation Anxiety

Day 8/30 → I kept putting it off and I kept telling myself that I could handle the household’s finances on my own. But it has to come soon enough — and that time has come.Read More »


My Partner is a “Dutertard”; I’m Not

I was browsing mindlessly through Facebook when I stumbled upon this post from BuzzFeed. It’s about Susan—a mom to a 21-year-old, who “scam[med] a Trump rally to create empty seats”.

Well, I’m not going to go into the details of the post or what she did because that’s not what I want to point out here; click on the link above and head on over to BuzzFeed if you want to know what Susan did exactly.Read More »

September 17

August 19 marked the first, September 17 will mark the second.

I have never been this excited about anything in my life. Oh hell, I have never looked forward to a date so much in my life, not even my own birthday (a date which most people are usually excited about). I have never wanted to see and be with a person in my life so much so before she came into the picture. I don’t think I’ve ever missed someone so much to the point of my heart actually and literally aching and hurting because of the agony.Read More »