#HereTogether at the Metro Manila Pride Festival 2017

Yesterday, June 24th, we celebrated the 23rd annual — the longest in South East Asia and almost as old as I am — Metro Manila Pride March Festival.  It was technically my 2nd time to attend but it was my 1st time to actually join the march. And to say that the experience was nothing [...]

Sometimes A Clutter, Always A Mess | Day 3

In the process of typing and backspacing words and phrases and sentences, I realized how truly chaotic this mind of mine truly is. There are times when I can’t even focus enough to form a coherent paragraph. Too much clutter, too much mess. I kind of miss the simplicity and austerity and honesty of diaries [...]

Hey Philippines, Feminine Lesbians Do Exist | Day 2

Since June is the Pride Month, I somehow feel inclined to talk about the issues about and around the LGBT community — especially now that one of our local (sort of international) celebrities came out as a transgendered man (familiar with Charice, anyone?) and is being criticized and made fun of for it. But while [...]