A Productive Monday… Hopefully

This was supposed to be a productive Monday. I meant to write drafts of all the pending blog ideas that I have listed down and I meant to take photos of items that I’ll be featuring (makeup, bullet journal, etc.).

But alas, here I am, lying on my bed, typing away this post on my phone because I’m just too lazy to be a fully-functioning human adult right now. Continue reading A Productive Monday… Hopefully


Random Thoughts on An Excruciatingly Hot Saturday Morning

Fuck this heat! I swear to god, this weather is motherfucking insane, I tell you! I can’t be outside of my air-conditioned room (ugh, thank god) for more than 10 minutes without sweating my armpits off. And I’m one of those people who rarely sweats.

I no longer understand this global warming thing going on right now. People, fucking discipline yourselves already and start taking care of mother earth because this weather is going to drive me to the edge of my sanity — and I’m barely holding on as it is. Continue reading Random Thoughts on An Excruciatingly Hot Saturday Morning

The Great Pretender

I came back to the office after four days of being away — two days off and two days absent. And I realized one thing: I really am a great pretender.

I faked my way through the day, making it seem to people who aren’t in the know (really, there’s only one person at work who does know what I went through and still am going through) that I’m perfectly fine and that there’s nothing wrong. Continue reading The Great Pretender

Barely Holding On But will Continue Pushing Through

Do you ever wish that you could be someone (or something) else other than yourself? Right now, I wish that I was a cat.

I’m outside, smoking my fucking lungs out (as I always do when things get so rough), looking at our cats, realizing how serene they look; how they seem to be so content with who they are and their lives. Continue reading Barely Holding On But will Continue Pushing Through

When Anxiety Hits You Hard

Last night was one of the worst anxiety attacks that I’ve ever had in my life. I couldn’t function right; I couldn’t even think straight.

I wanted to just disappear from the face of the Earth and never look back. I wanted to just get it over with; be done with everything and leave and not feel anything at all. It’s annoying how shit can just hit you that hard just like that. Continue reading When Anxiety Hits You Hard