End the Stigma, Please

Today (or yesterday as it’s past midnight already), Facebook exploded after Joey de Leon (a famous Filipino celebrity) made comments about how depression is not really a disability or illness, and people should not sympathize with those who have it or are going through it. According to him, it’s just something that these people make… Continue reading End the Stigma, Please


Raindrops keep falling on my head

Okay, excuse me, life but I can only take as much. Work has been a bitch for the past few weeks. And then last week, I came down with a flu that made me miss work for a few days. Now I’m back in the confines of this office building (bittersweet, really) and the feeling… Continue reading Raindrops keep falling on my head

Excuse Me, But My Job is No Joke

Let’s get ready for another rant by yours truly. Well, isn’t this fun, eh? I don’t talk about my line of work very often. Mainly because I don’t want to deal with all the judgemental assholes who’ve corrupted our society and whose probable main source of life is looking down on people. If you’re from the… Continue reading Excuse Me, But My Job is No Joke

This Country is So Hopeless, It’s Driving Me Crazy

Day 26/30 → Oh what do you know, our high and mighty president is making rounds on social media and the current events scene once again. And if you’re Filipino, you’ve probably guessed it right: it’s because of his filthy mouth and lack of common decency. I can’t even say I’m surprised because this is not… Continue reading This Country is So Hopeless, It’s Driving Me Crazy

Body Shaming Every-freaking-where

Day 25/30 → Most people think that body shaming only affects people who are fat (meant as a fact, not as an insult). Apparently, these people think that only larger-sized human beings fall victim to the heartless people who body shame and that they are the only ones who have feelings. I’ve gotten used to… Continue reading Body Shaming Every-freaking-where