Hey Philippines, Feminine Lesbians Do Exist | Day 2

Since June is the Pride Month, I somehow feel inclined to talk about the issues about and around the LGBT community — especially now that one of our local (sort of international) celebrities came out as a transgendered man (familiar with Charice, anyone?) and is being criticized and made fun of for it. But while [...]

Not-So-Current Event: Taxis vs. Grab and Uber

This issue is no longer 'trending' on social media, but I thought I'd still put in my two cents because people still need to address this matter. Just two days ago, I watched a co-worker be declined by two cab drivers and I saw one of those two cab drivers decline 3 more passengers after. Those [...]

Current Events: Mindanao, Under State of Martial Law / #PrayForMarawi

We’re all probably already aware by now that terrorists exist and they are fucking everywhere. While most of us just want peace and unity, it just isn’t happening -- not any time soon, at least. The bombing in the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester is just one the most recent attacks that our nation had witnessed [...]

A Place of Worship Inside Shopping Malls

We were at Greenhills a few weeks ago and I casually mentioned to the girlfriend how much I don’t understand the existence of chapels (or any place of worship for that matter) inside shopping malls. Okay, I get that it’s there for the convenience but really???? Seriously, people go to malls to unwind, get away [...]

We Need to Put A Stop to this “Victim-Blaming” and “Rape” Culture

It’s 2017, and yet, apparently, stupidity is still a “thing”. A lot of shit has been happening recently and Facebook is a toxic place to be at if you’re easily triggered (like me, but you know, social media’s a part of our daily existence already) by idiots and morons. In case you’re not a daily [...]

Throwback | A Social Status Guide for Pinoys

I first wrote this back in 2014 when I saw this "social status guide" circulating on both Facebook and Instagram. I want to be offended, but I’m not and yes, that’s a bad thing. We have gotten used to and accustomed to the now-normal way of Filipino thinking that white complexion equates to that of a [...]

My Partner is a “Dutertard”; I’m Not

I was browsing mindlessly through Facebook when I stumbled upon this post from BuzzFeed. It’s about Susan—a mom to a 21-year-old, who “scam[med] a Trump rally to create empty seats”. Well, I’m not going to go into the details of the post or what she did because that’s not what I want to point out [...]