Saturday Rants, Vol. 1

So a few weeks ago, this girl posted her bullet journal and her spreads were obviously copied from mine. But this girl didn't even give me any credit. And had I not called her out on it, she wouldn't even bother "apologizing" (I don't consider an apology being provided after one's called out on his/her… Continue reading Saturday Rants, Vol. 1


30 Day Writing Challenge — Two Weeks After

It has been exactly two weeks since I set out to do this writing challenge. I thought it was going to be easy since I've managed to post every single weekday last month. But this time around, I'm really struggling. What I thought was going to be a walk in the part turned out to… Continue reading 30 Day Writing Challenge — Two Weeks After

A Social-Media-Challenged Millennial

I was born in the early '90s; am currently in my 20s; and have an account on basically every social media platform out there. By definition, I'm a millennial through and through. However, if there's one thing about being a millennial that I can't fully grasp is, well, social media. Yes, despite the fact that… Continue reading A Social-Media-Challenged Millennial

Adulting Should Come with A Warning Label and A Cancel Button

Alright, I know it did because as someone who was raised in a semi-typical Filipino household, the phrase "maiintindihan mo rin 'yan 'pag tanda mo" was often thrown every which way possible. Of course, being the spoiled brat kid that I was, I couldn't fully grasp the idea of the whole damn thing. Like, okay,… Continue reading Adulting Should Come with A Warning Label and A Cancel Button

Common Grammar Mistakes Made by Filipinos

Disclaimer: This is not me wanting to feel superior or pretending that I'm smarter and better than others. This is me ranting, as always, and pointing out these annoying and very very common grammar mistakes that a lot of Filipinos make.¬†While English is my first language (since I was one of those kids who was… Continue reading Common Grammar Mistakes Made by Filipinos