My April 2018 Roundup — The Challenge Ends; Plus Highlights, & More

Alas, the end of yet another month is here. Where has time been flying off to these days? I don’t understand how it could by May already when in my head, it’s still January (that seemingly never-ending month just would not quit)??

Plus, I can’t believe it’s yet another Monday. This adulting life just would not quit on me. But okay, I’ve some things to be thankful and happy about and for this April so there’s at least that to boot.Read More »


My March 2018 Roundup — Highlights & Other Stuff

I didn’t do much of one single thing lately and I’m kind of okay with that. I read less but I wrote more (hence the number of posts that have been published this month, excluding this one). I also caught up with many of the TV shows that I’ve been following for months and years and have started on a few ones with three that I absolutely love.

So this month’s roundup are simply highlights of my March — no yays and nahs or tops and bottoms.Read More »

My February 2018 Roundup — Books, Books, and More Books

I thought about doing a February 2018 roundup post that’s similar to my year 2017 roundup. But I didn’t see the point since all I did last month was basically read books and watched new episodes of recurring TV shows that I’ve already been following for months or years. I also only watched a grand total of five movies.

There wasn’t anything new in my February except books. I didn’t even purchase any new makeup products (shocking coming from me) last month. So the only rational thing was to do my roundup centered on what I’ve read.Read More »

My 2017 Roundup — The Year’s Hits and Misses (Beauty, Movies, Food, Blogs, and more!)

I know, I know. It’s the middle of January and we’re all well underway our 2018 but I thought I’d give this “round-up” idea of mine a go. I’m also thinking about making this either a quarterly or a monthly thing. But we all know how inconsistent I am as a blogger so… ha, well, who knows what the future holds.

For now, let’s focus on the year that’s passed and here are some of my “yaaas! 😍” and “naaaah 😒” of 2017. This will be a mishmash of all sorts of whatever so let’s all not have any expectations as I’m writing this as it comes into my head. (I should have probably thought this through first.)Read More »