My Love Affair with Seattle Grace

Day 12/30 → It was a breezy, Saturday evening in Manila. I could still remember that night, albeit hazily. It was the summer here at the time and I just got back home from hanging out with my friends. I turned on the TV and went straight to channel 23 — then aptly named as Studio 23.

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Sunday Currently: Pretty Little Liars, We’re Almost at the End

I remember posting about this series on my tumblr account back in 2010 when it first came out and how excited I was because the first episode and the entire premise seemed very promising. Continue reading “Sunday Currently: Pretty Little Liars, We’re Almost at the End”

Sunday Currently: Blue is the Warmest Color

I have been begging the girlfriend to watch this movie and since she has not obliged despite of my constant whining*, I thought this post would help push her into finally giving this excellent movie a shot. Continue reading “Sunday Currently: Blue is the Warmest Color”

Sunday Currently: Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

If you have managed to crawl out from under that rock that you were living in, then you’re already probably aware that Netflix released its newest series that’s based on the novel written by Jay Asher. Continue reading “Sunday Currently: Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why”

Sunday Currently in the World of Series: #YoungerTV

Who wouldn’t want a second chance at living their life? I mean, not in the being born again and you would have to go through every single horror of puberty and adolescence and all that shit but like life in your 20s (given that you’re already in your 30s, at least)? Continue reading “Sunday Currently in the World of Series: #YoungerTV”