What’s New Vol. 4 | DECIEM’s The Ordinary

Remember this post? The one where I showed so much restraint and discipline by only buying two The Ordinary (although I only actually got one skin care item) products in spite of the hype around the brand? Well recently, I gave in and got myself 3 more items. Continue reading “What’s New Vol. 4 | DECIEM’s The Ordinary”

What’s New Vol. 3 | Althea Korea Haul

Korean skincare are all the rave these days (aren’t Korean everything so popular lately, though?) and since I’m a little bit of a skincare junkie lately, I just had to get on that bandwagon. Continue reading “What’s New Vol. 3 | Althea Korea Haul”

What’s New Vol. 2 | Mostly Skincare

I have upped my skincare game this month of May so along with that new-found obsession with skincare products is, of course, a bunch of new items. This isn’t a massive haul as I don’t want my skin to feel overwhelmed with all the new products so I only got myself a few things that I will be incorporating in my routine one at a time. Continue reading “What’s New Vol. 2 | Mostly Skincare”

What’s New Vol. 1 | Makeup, Clothes, Etc.

I have accumulated quite a few new things in the past month and a half so I thought I’d share them with y’all. This isn’t going to be just about my beauty hauls; I will be throwing in clothing items and/or will be talking about whatever else is new in my life. Continue reading “What’s New Vol. 1 | Makeup, Clothes, Etc.”