Disney’s Bizaardvark is A Bizarre-oh Show

Because I’ve been reminiscing the good ol’ Disney Channel shows, I decided to check out the newer shows that DC has released and I stumbled upon this — Bizaardvark, a show about two teenage best friends who post funny videos on the Internet (surprise, surprise).

Let me just say this before anything else: Disney Channel, you have been disappointing my kid-at-heart self for years now! The last more recent, decent show you’ve released is Shake It Up and even that wasn’t all that great. (Raven’s Home doesn’t count because it’s a spin-off of That’s So Raven so it’ll always be great no matter what; #biased)Read More »


Everything Sucks! Doesn’t Actually Suck

The trailer that I saw on Facebook seemed interesting enough that it caught my attention. Just my luck since I was looking for a new series to watch anyway. I’ve been watching the same TV shows for a couple of years and I wanted something new.

And in this day and age, Netflix is usually the way to go if you’re looking for a (more often unique) show to binge watch.Read More »

Let’s talk about The Bold Type

I want to, so bad, but I don’t even know where to begin. But it’s like I’m wrap up and at the same time drowning in my own thoughts and feelings and I don’t—can’t even figure out how to find light in all this chaos.

You know how you get so caught up in a show, or in a film, or a book that it just makes you feel one too many emotions all at once and you can’t seem to pick just one? You don’t know if it makes you ecstatic or proud or sad or frustrated or angry or upset or maybe a little bit of everything? (Or maybe that’s just me???)Read More »

The World of Game of Thrones

I still remember that day when I was first introduced to the wonderful world Game of Thrones. It was at our group chat at work and the boys kept mentioning names like Tyrion, Cersei, Tywin, and Sansa and this piqued my interest.

They were such weird names that the curiosity really got the best of me. The question: “what are you fuckers talking about?” The answer: “Game of Thrones!”Read More »

My Current Most Wanted: The Blacklist

I have always been in love with criminal shows. There’s just something about the thrill and the suspense and the action that draws me into them. Plus there’s this fascination of mine over the USA’s criminal justice system. They have their own flaws, yes, but they’re infinitely better than what we have in my country.

But that’s beside the point. (And better saved for a different post.)Read More »