A Quiet Place — My Very Unpopular Opinion


A few days ago, my friends and I watched this super hyped-up suspense/thriller movie — A Quiet Place. If we’re friends on Facebook or if you have read this post, then you already know what I feel about this film.

Needless to say, I did not like it at all. I mean, practically everyone and the rest of their family and friends loved this film so I ended up with so much expectation and ugh, it was all but a disappointment.Read More »


Jumping on the Netflix Bandwagon

I finally caved and subscribed to Netflix. Okay, granted that I’m still currently under the free month trial, but still, it feels like a commitment already.

Actually, I was already subscribed to Netflix back in 2015 but cancelled the damn thing since there wasn’t really much to choose from at the time. What I can watch on there, I can stream or download somewhere else for free (albeit illegally, of course, but whatever, sue me) so I didn’t really see the point in sticking around.Read More »

Disney’s Bizaardvark is A Bizarre-oh Show

Because I’ve been reminiscing the good ol’ Disney Channel shows, I decided to check out the newer shows that DC has released and I stumbled upon this — Bizaardvark, a show about two teenage best friends who post funny videos on the Internet (surprise, surprise).

Let me just say this before anything else: Disney Channel, you have been disappointing my kid-at-heart self for years now! The last more recent, decent show you’ve released is Shake It Up and even that wasn’t all that great. (Raven’s Home doesn’t count because it’s a spin-off of That’s So Raven so it’ll always be great no matter what; #biased)Read More »

Netflix’s Veronica — Scariest Movie of All Time?

Here we go again with these scariest movie of all time claims. Of course, being the huge horror movie fan that I am, I can’t help but feel intrigued and curious. What is with Netflix’s Veronica (a 2017 Spanish horror film) that made it such a hit?

Is it really that good? Is it really that scary? Is it really that type of movie that would leave me tossing and turning, fearing my own imagination, on my bed in the dead of the night?Read More »