The One with My ColourPop Ultra Matte Collection

This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder since May 6 (WHAT). And earlier today, I finally took photos so now here we are. I actually thought about reviewing these individually but that would be too much effort and I’d probably end up repeating the same shit again and again, so I decided on [...]

Battle of the Eye Primers: Urban Decay vs. Wet n Wild

This battle is not about how long these primers were able to make my eyeshadow last or how much they made them pop because I have temporarily quit putting any eye makeup on (not even eyeliner or mascara--well I put mascara sometimes, but not everyday). This battle is going to be about how long these [...]

What’s New Vol. 4 | DECIEM’s The Ordinary

Remember this post? The one where I showed so much restraint and discipline by only buying two The Ordinary (although I only actually got one skin care item) products in spite of the hype around the brand? Well recently, I gave in and got myself 3 more items. Fortunately (for my wallet), the other items [...]

Not-So-Current Event: Taxis vs. Grab and Uber

This issue is no longer 'trending' on social media, but I thought I'd still put in my two cents because people still need to address this matter. Just two days ago, I watched a co-worker be declined by two cab drivers and I saw one of those two cab drivers decline 3 more passengers after. Those [...]

Beauty Review | Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Colors

I was going back and forth about which liquid lipstick to buy next after getting the Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks (that was such a fail, btw). I wanted to dive into the higher-end brands (ehem Chanel; ehem bareMinerals) but decided against it in the end as I’m a little bit too broke to be spending [...]