Excuse Me, But My Job is No Joke

Let’s get ready for another rant by yours truly. Well, isn’t this fun, eh?

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Beauty of Snails with the Mizon Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser

Let’s talk about snail (or its slime) and why it suddenly became one of the most sought-after ingredients for many skincare products. I did some research aka Google-d shit and what do you know? – Snail slime actually contains a lot of skin benefits!

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How to Really Know Someone Vol. 3

I suppose it’s time for another installment of this series as this post has just been sitting in my Drafts folder a month now because my procrastinator-self has managed to answer the first hundred questions in a matter of 2 days. I just basically spoiled the fun for myself. But oh well. Continue reading “How to Really Know Someone Vol. 3”

Fresh ~Feels~ with the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream

You’ve probably read the 2-year-relationship that came to a bitter end. You’ve also probably read the three-night stand that resulted to a horrifying break(out). So of course, the wariness that I felt when I entered this new relationship is utterly justified.

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The end has come—what do you do?

539303_10151199321008980_2129807385_nDay 29/30
when all you could do
is stare at the window
and constantly wonder
where the hell you went wrong
what other path
could you have taken
what other word
could you have spoken

when all you could do
is punch the wall next to you
hoping the pain in your hands
would ease the sorrow
that fills your heart
your brain
your soul
your being
maybe bloodied knuckles
would be enough
to keep you sane
to keep you feeling

when all you could do
is nothing
absolutely nothing
what the hell is left
what the hell are you supposed to do?

Day 30/30 → We’ve come to the end. Endings are nice. Endings are okay—for the most part. Endings usually mean a new beginning. But what if the end is not the kind of ending you want? What do you do?

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