My April 2018 Roundup — The Challenge Ends; Plus Highlights, & More

Alas, the end of yet another month is here. Where has time been flying off to these days? I don’t understand how it could by May already when in my head, it’s still January (that seemingly never-ending month just would not quit)??

Plus, I can’t believe it’s yet another Monday. This adulting life just would not quit on me. But okay, I’ve some things to be thankful and happy about and for this April so there’s at least that to boot.Read More »


Money Diaries, Week #1

I was supposed to do this thing last week but I failed to track after Wednesday so I decided to just scratch that and just start over the week after so here I am. Kat and her own Money Diaries post convinced me to join the bandwagon so… here we go.

I’m pretty tight with my budget and for the most part, I don’t go overboard whatever weekly or bi-monthly budget I set on myself. I usually track my bills and other major expenses on my bullet journal but there are times when I forget. So hopefully, this weekly post that I plan on doing would push me into actually tracking my expenses.Read More »

Phone Apps that I Swear By

I feel like a celebrity-wannabe with this post but your girl’s running out of ideas that wouldn’t require at least half a brain to write. (Read: The Ridiculous Filipino Standard of Beauty; Chivalry, Equality, & Feminism; An Ode to My Favorite YA Author; and many others)

I would start writing about each of those but would later realize that I’m just not in the right mindset to be ranting about such things. I can’t even finish two paragraphs without being so frustrated with myself.Read More »

Random Thoughts on A Hellish Hot Friday Morning

Thank fucking god it’s Friday. This week, albeit less stressful than the previous weeks, still has been a hellish nightmare. Mostly because of this excruciating weather that we’re experiencing (CAN I GET AN AMEN FROM MY FELLOW FILIPINOS) because goddamn global warming is working its thang, showering us with fucking fireballs left and right.

I feel like this country has become a giant sauna and I’m going to end up sweating off whatever’s left of my skinny ass. Bitch, save me from this hell.Read More »

How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 6

Just a few more days and we’ll be welcoming yet again another month in the year 2018. Just a few more days and I’ll be done with this 30 day writing challenge (that I’m happy that I did and I’m happy that I’ve accomplished — a little early to say but I know I will).

But before this month ends, here’s another volume of this How to Really Know Someone questions post. If you’re interested in doing this yourself, here’s the link to the complete list of questions (be warned, there are over a hundred questions so…).Read More »