My April 2018 Roundup — The Challenge Ends; Plus Highlights, & More

Alas, the end of yet another month is here. Where has time been flying off to these days? I don't understand how it could by May already when in my head, it's still January (that seemingly never-ending month just would not quit)?? Plus, I can't believe it's yet another Monday. ThisĀ adulting life just would not… Continue reading My April 2018 Roundup — The Challenge Ends; Plus Highlights, & More


Money Diaries, Week #1

I was supposed to do this thing last week but I failed to track after Wednesday so I decided to just scratch that and just start over the week after so here I am. Kat and her own Money Diaries post convinced me to join the bandwagon so... here we go. I'm pretty tight with… Continue reading Money Diaries, Week #1

Phone Apps that I Swear By

I feel like a celebrity-wannabe with this post but your girl's running out of ideas that wouldn't require at least half a brain to write. (Read: The Ridiculous Filipino Standard of Beauty; Chivalry, Equality, & Feminism; An Ode to My Favorite YA Author; and many others) I would start writing about each of those but… Continue reading Phone Apps that I Swear By

Random Thoughts on A Hellish Hot Friday Morning

Thank fucking god it's Friday. This week, albeit less stressful than the previous weeks, still has been a hellish nightmare. Mostly because of this excruciating weather that we're experiencing (CAN I GET AN AMEN FROM MY FELLOW FILIPINOS) because goddamn global warming is working its thang, showering us with fucking fireballs left and right. I… Continue reading Random Thoughts on A Hellish Hot Friday Morning