How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 7

Oh hey you, my little old blog. It’s been what; 5 days? Okay, that wasn’t too long ago but it felt like ages since I posted every single day back in April. But you know, I had to take a breather and focus on… well, I don’t know what exactly but something else for sure.

So since I’m still not in the mood to write down posts because I’m still in the middle of this writer’s block shit that has taken over my existence, I’m gonna grace you all instead with another installment of this How to Really Know Someone series of posts.Read More »


How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 6

Just a few more days and we’ll be welcoming yet again another month in the year 2018. Just a few more days and I’ll be done with this 30 day writing challenge (that I’m happy that I did and I’m happy that I’ve accomplished — a little early to say but I know I will).

But before this month ends, here’s another volume of this How to Really Know Someone questions post. If you’re interested in doing this yourself, here’s the link to the complete list of questions (be warned, there are over a hundred questions so…).Read More »

How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 5

Since my head’s still non-functional today and I seem to be having a really bad case of writer’s block, I thought I’d follow through with this tag post that I started some time last year and abruptly stopped doing after just merely a few posts.

I’m gonna follow the same setup — answer seven questions per post. And if you feel like doing this yourself, here’s the list of all 100+ questions at your disposal.Read More »

How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 4

Work has been killing me for the past week and a half and I’ve been spending most of my free time watching YouTube videos and looking through Pinterest photos of bullet journals. Then last weekend, I decided to go back to watching Game of Thrones (I stopped at Season 4 Episode 3) and dragged the girlfriend into the blackhole and now she can’t stop watching. *insert evil laugh here*

So since I haven’t taken photos for the blog just yet, I’ll answer the next seven then of this tag and then I’m off to get myself a burger.Read More »

How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 3

I suppose it’s time for another installment of this series as this post has just been sitting in my Drafts folder a month now because my procrastinator-self has managed to answer the first hundred questions in a matter of 2 days. I just basically spoiled the fun for myself. But oh well.

Here’s the link to How to Really Know Someone tag questions if you’re interested in doing it yourself. God, I really need to stop putting off doing actual work.Read More »