The One with My ColourPop Ultra Matte Collection

This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder since May 6 (WHAT). And earlier today, I finally took photos so now here we are. I actually thought about reviewing these individually but that would be too much effort and I’d probably end up repeating the same shit again and again, so I decided on [...]

Battle of the Eye Primers: Urban Decay vs. Wet n Wild

This battle is not about how long these primers were able to make my eyeshadow last or how much they made them pop because I have temporarily quit putting any eye makeup on (not even eyeliner or mascara--well I put mascara sometimes, but not everyday). This battle is going to be about how long these [...]

Beauty Review | Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Colors

I was going back and forth about which liquid lipstick to buy next after getting the Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks (that was such a fail, btw). I wanted to dive into the higher-end brands (ehem Chanel; ehem bareMinerals) but decided against it in the end as I’m a little bit too broke to be spending [...]

A Harmful Ingredient in Skincare and Makeup

You’ve probably seen this one product in my latest What’s New post—the It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VB Effector. It’s a serum that’s purported to be infused with Vitamin B6 to control one’s sebum (which I have a lot of). The thing is, I have only been recently into skincare so I don’t really have [...]

Beauty Review | Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

Didn’t I tell you before that I was a little out of it in the beauty world and have not had any idea as to what is going on, what the latest trends are, or what products people are raving about these days? But that’s just me. And you’ve probably heard of the Coty Airspun [...]

Ain’t got no time fo’ that: Extensive Skin Care Routine & Full Face of Makeup

So I was watching this random video that I saw on my YouTube Home page about these two Americans (one's black and one's of Asian descent) trying out the 100-step Korean skin care routine (exaggerating, of course, but we all know how extensive the Korean's skin care routine is) for a full week. By the [...]

Beauty Review | Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks

About a month or so ago, I was going through some blogs and saw this post from Ela. She reviewed the shades Zenaida and Naima from the Matte in Detail Liquid Lipstick line and while she wasn’t too impressed by them, I still took the chance as I am all for independent, start-up local brands [...]