MKNA Food Adventure @ Hikojyu — The Ramen Quest Continues

My girlfriend and I are on a quest — a quest to finding the best ramen in Metro Manila. And our journey continues with this local Marikina restaurant that’s just, again, a 5-minute walk from where we live.

Hikojyu is this tiny Japanese place that we found via Zomato when we were looking for restaurants around Marikina Heights that offers ramen. It only had an average of 3.2 out of 5 but that didn’t stop us from trying it out.Read More »


MKNA Food Adventure @ Shachihoko Ramen

In our quest to finding the best Japanese restaurant-slash-ramen house here in the Metro, the girlfriend and I decided to give the Japanese restaurants that are a mere 3 to 5 minute walk away from where we live.

No hassle of commuting? No public transportation fare? Okay, let’s do it!Read More »

A First @ Comedor by Miguel & Maria

The best friend and I had an overdue date two weekends ago and since the damn girl just squeezed me in her extremely tight schedule (lol no hate, just lots of shade), we decided to just have lunch somewhere here in Marikina.

After a few ideas on where to eat, we settled on Comedor by Miguel & Maria. I have heard of and seen Miguel & Maria which is located at the infamous Lilac Street here in Marikina but I’ve always been too intimidated by it as it seems like such a high-end place.Read More »

Eating Hapon Food on a Windy Hapon @ the Happon Ramen House

Excuse me, I think I have ramen fever. Ever since our trip to Shizen a few weeks back, I’ve been constantly craving for ramen. It’s bad for the health but it’s so good for the tummy.

So when the opportunity to eat ramen knocked, of course, I couldn’t just let it pass. I initially wanted the bestfriend to give Shizen a try but due to circumstances, we ended up at another ramen place here in Marikina – Happon Ramen House.Read More »

MKNA Food Adventure @ Shizen Ramen House

Ah, yes, ramen. For those who don’t know, I’m a big lover of Japanese foods and cuisine – name it and I’ve probably had it at least once.

Then last week, I was seriously craving for a good noodle dish (not necessarily Japanese). I was torn between ramen and laksa but opted for the former because I remembered this one ramen house here in Marikina that I’ve yet to try and one that was highly-recommended by friends. And yes, that’s where the girlfriend and I had our post-anniversary date last weekend.Read More »