Battle of the Local Liquid Lipsticks: Careline vs. Ever Bilena

I’m seriously not the biggest fan of local brands. But then recently, they are upping their game and releasing more and more promising products that I felt the need to give them another chance. Their foundation, powder, and concealer shade selection could still use a lot of work, but at least their color products are a whole lot better. Continue reading “Battle of the Local Liquid Lipsticks: Careline vs. Ever Bilena”


Beauty Review: L.A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick

Let’s talk about lipsticks for a bit. Now I think we’re all probably already aware that I have quite the lipstick addiction. I have more products in my stash than one needs in their lifetime, and yet somehow, I still don’t find them enough. I know, I’m sick in the head. Then again, isn’t that how an addiction is defined? LOL.

On Makeup Wants & Decluttering

Day 6/30 → I’ve been looking at a lot of new makeup releases (or ones that I just haven’t seen or heard of before) and oh my god, my wallet is definitely not happy with me. Continue reading “On Makeup Wants & Decluttering”

The One with My ColourPop Ultra Matte Collection

This post has been sitting in my Drafts folder since May 6 (WHAT). And earlier today, I finally took photos so now here we are. Continue reading “The One with My ColourPop Ultra Matte Collection”