Random Thoughts on A Hellish Hot Friday Morning

Thank fucking god it’s Friday. This week, albeit less stressful than the previous weeks, still has been a hellish nightmare. Mostly because of this excruciating weather that we’re experiencing (CAN I GET AN AMEN FROM MY FELLOW FILIPINOS) because goddamn global warming is working its thang, showering us with fucking fireballs left and right.

I feel like this country has become a giant sauna and I’m going to end up sweating off whatever’s left of my skinny ass. Bitch, save me from this hell.Read More »


Random Thoughts on An Excruciatingly Hot Saturday Morning

Fuck this heat! I swear to god, this weather is motherfucking insane, I tell you! I can’t be outside of my air-conditioned room (ugh, thank god) for more than 10 minutes without sweating my armpits off. And I’m one of those people who rarely sweats.

I no longer understand this global warming thing going on right now. People, fucking discipline yourselves already and start taking care of mother earth because this weather is going to drive me to the edge of my sanity — and I’m barely holding on as it is. Read More »

Random Facts About Myself on A Thursday

I’m going to “spice” things up a bit for today so instead of random thoughts, here are some random (and maybe weird and a few TMI) facts about myself instead. I’ve been thinking about what facts I should share here for days now but decided against overthinking so I’m just typing this as I go.

Hopefully, nobody unfriends me after reading through the list as I may end up sharing some really weird, and maybe a few off-putting facts about myself. LOL.Read More »

Random Thoughts on A Boring Monday

Yes, folks, you read that right. I am bored on a fucking Monday. So what the hell is up??? Maybe it’s the fact that I haven’t been to work in 6 days and I won’t be coming back until Thursday night so that’s still plenty of time to, well, basically slack around.

I love this whole “vacation” thing! I should really probably do this more often. But alas, vacation leaves aren’t unlimited.Read More »

Random Thoughts on A Surprisingly Warm Tuesday Noon

I actually already have a post scheduled for later tonight. But it was titled “Common Grammar Mistakes Made by Many Filipinos” and while I usually don’t care about what people think about me and I firmly believe that I have the right to post whatever the hell I please on this blog because it is my blog after all (except of course if the post contains demeaning and offensive statements), I felt that it just wasn’t time for that post yet.

Yes, I still will be publishing it some time in the future but not today, Satan. Not today. Read More »