What’s New Vol. 4 | DECIEM’s The Ordinary

Remember this post? The one where I showed so much restraint and discipline by only buying two The Ordinary (although I only actually got one skin care item) products in spite of the hype around the brand? Well recently, I gave in and got myself 3 more items. Fortunately (for my wallet), the other items [...]

14 Days After: The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

By now, I think we’ve all heard of DECIEM’s The Ordinary. It’s most likely one of the most-talked-about recently-launched beauty brands in the world today! And most of us probably have the Wayne Goss to thank for that (if you don’t know who he is, what the fuck are you doing with your life?). “The [...]

Ain’t got no time fo’ that: Extensive Skin Care Routine & Full Face of Makeup

So I was watching this random video that I saw on my YouTube Home page about these two Americans (one's black and one's of Asian descent) trying out the 100-step Korean skin care routine (exaggerating, of course, but we all know how extensive the Korean's skin care routine is) for a full week. By the [...]