Sherbet Cleansing with the Banila Co. Clean It Zero

I have tried a few cleansing oils in my time and while I do think that they actually work, I just don’t like the mess that comes along with using them. I remember being super annoyed by the oil dripping down my arm and onto my legs or whatever I’m wearing. Then there’s the oil dripping down my neck and onto my boobs.

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Beauty of Snails with the Mizon Snail Repairing Foam Cleanser

Let’s talk about snail (or its slime) and why it suddenly became one of the most sought-after ingredients for many skincare products. I did some research aka Google-d shit and what do you know? – Snail slime actually contains a lot of skin benefits!

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Fresh ~Feels~ with the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream

You’ve probably read the 2-year-relationship that came to a bitter end. You’ve also probably read the three-night stand that resulted to a horrifying break(out). So of course, the wariness that I felt when I entered this new relationship is utterly justified.

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My First Aloe Vera Experience featuring Dearberry

My former moisturizer and I were together for almost two years. Then I realized that she was no longer worthy of my time and that I deserve better. So I let her go, and off to the trash bin she went (figuratively as I still actually have it in my stash).

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What’s New Vol. 4 | DECIEM’s The Ordinary

Remember this post? The one where I showed so much restraint and discipline by only buying two The Ordinary (although I only actually got one skin care item) products in spite of the hype around the brand? Well recently, I gave in and got myself 3 more items. Continue reading “What’s New Vol. 4 | DECIEM’s The Ordinary”