“Stolen” shot.

BKTRYA — A Blog by Victoria is created by an excessive coffee drinker from Manila. Although she has been blogging for more than a decade now, this particular site wasn’t published until mid of last year.

After several blog rebrandings, blog names, blog “types/categories”, and blogging platforms, she feels like it’s time for her to finally settle down. A Blog by Victoria is where she wants to do that and the place she wants to stick for the long haul.

This blog is about nothing in particular but the content will focus mainly on her personal life, thoughts, and opinions, beauty — makeup and skincare, and whatever else in her life she feels is worth sharing.

This blog’s name is, I guess, pretty self-explanatory (the “A Blog by Victoria” part, at least). But for those who are curious about what the hell BKTRYA” means or where the hell it came from, it is just my name (sans the vowels) plus the first letter of my last name. It’s not how my name is actually spelled but it is how a lot of Filipinos pronounce it. So instead of being constantly annoyed at the mispronunciation, I just embraced it and decided some years ago to use it as my handle on several of my social media accounts (@biktoryaa on both Instagram and Twitter). Now, here we are.